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League of Legends is a free 3D fantasy MMO game made by Riot Games that looks much like Defense of the Ancients (DotA). There are LOADS of options for the players to choose from for example there is like 90 champions to choose from with 4different ability each. There is 30 Levels to achieve to get the entire rune and mastery points to spend. The mastery points you spend depends on what role you want to play there is 4 different roles, support (giving utility to team and heals), AD (attack damage dealer), AP (magical damage dealer). If you want to spend real life money on it you can buy riot point to buy new champions and xp boosts and such.

When you want to play you have to get in queue that takes around 1sec to 5min depending on how much players there is available that wants to play. After you have found 10 people you automatically divided into two teams to fight each other’s. Then you get to the champion select part when you have to pick a champion. Then you get in game you have to ability to buy items to make your character better. There are loads of different options for example if you are facing a team with many AD champions you should get some armor items or for example if you are a heavy AD you will need loads of attack damage items to be able to bring the pain.

There are 3 lanes and the jungle you should split up 1 beefy champion in the jungle, 2 champions at the bot lane one support and one AD champion, a AP champion at the mid lane and the last champion at the top lane (often a pretty beefy AD champion). At every lane there are minions that give xp (experience to make you level up) and you are also facing the opponents at every lane for example at bot you will be facing a support and a AD carry. There is tower that you want to take down by making damage to them so you can get to the winning point when you will take down the nexus (the heart of the opponents team) when you take down the opponent you will win the game and get xp and such to your account to so you can get more levels and then you get more mastery points.

When you reach level 30 you will be able to play ranked games so you get rankings and such. They have a match making rating system so you will play against and with players with around the same ranking as you.

The game is very fun and I strongly recommend it. I give this awesome game 5/5 star because it’s free and it’s so much fun. 

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